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70 years Panoramahotel Gürtl

Sustainability Concept


Our family-run, ultra-comfortable ★★★superior hotel in Haus, surrounded by beautiful scenery, lies only a 3-minute walk from the town center and just 7 km from Schladming. We are right next to the Schlad­ming-Tauern gondola on the Hauser Kaibling, carrying you up to magical pistes in winter as well as glorious hikes and mountaineering adventures in summer.

Environment and sustainability - As an ecologically committed business, as hoteliers and parents, we take our responsibility for the environment very seriously, making every effort to hand down those precious natural resources and a beautiful, natural and healthy environment to future generations.

Certificate from the Austrian government


If you take a sustainable approach to your holiday business, you endeavor to impact nature and the environment as little as possible, take into consideration the cultural and social aspects of your home region, thereby enhancing the opportunities for experiences that are even more intense and more authentic. And thus meeting the needs of travelers and locals alike.

Because we also want to communicate our environmental achievements more forcefully to the outside world, we strive to meet the stringent requirements of the Austrian Eco Seal for Lodging Establishments, constantly improving in the course of that ongoing process.

The Austrian Eco Seal


... is the highest state recognition given to eco-conscious tourism businesses. Our establishment is required to meet stringent requirements in many areas, subject to independent inspection. Through those measures, we make a valuable contribution towards an environment that will continue to thrive in the future, while hoping to offer our guests an absolutely enjoyable and comfortable stay with us.

By complying with the criteria of the Austrian Eco Seal for Tourism, we keep the environmental impact resulting from the three phases of the service life cycle (purchasing, provision and disposal) to an absolute minimum.


ENJOYMENT Made in Austria!

More and more consumers ask themselves the question as to where the food on their plate comes from. A trend that is also clearly noticeable in the restaurant business. The AMA Gastro Seal has been around for 10 years now, guaranteeing transparent labeling of meat, dairy products, eggs, potatoes, fruit, vegetables, wild game and freshwater fish on menus. You can clearly taste the freshness and variety of the regional products of certified origin that we prepare for you every day!

Beef: Hofer Farm "Maierl" in Haus im Ennstal, local products, Trans­gourmet Salzburg

Turkey: Huber Farm

Pork: local products, Trans­gourmet Salzburg

Fish: Xeis See­saibling Admont (organic)

Milk & dairy products: local products, Trans­gourmet Salzburg, Moserhof Haus im Ennstal, Ennstal Milch Stainach

Fruit & vegetables(seasonal): Angela Gmoser Feldbach,
local products, Trans­gourmet Salzburg

Eggs: Austrian cage-free eggs, Litzellachner

Styrian pumpkinseed oil: Angela Gmoser Feldbach, Ofner Kirchberg an der Raab

Styrian horseradish: Styria - Steirerkren

Herbs & vegetables (seasonal): from the garden of
senior owner "Walter", local products, Trans­gourmet Salzburg

Fruit juices & jams: made in-house from available products 

Mushrooms & pinecones: Peter's secret places

Do you have any ideas or tips for us?
We are curious and look forward to exciting ideas, inspiration and suggestions!



  • Minibar not cooled. Please do not be surprised if your minibar is warm this year. We have considered which "saving measures" will affect you the least. And since the minibar has been used rather little in the past, but the refrigerators consume a lot of electricity, we have decided to fill the minibars, but not to cool them. If you want your drinks chilled, just report to the front desk. Then we turn them on immediately and the refrigerator is cold the following day at the latest.
  • In addition, 2 e-charging stations with a power of up to 22 kW are available. Billing is done by kW/h directly at the hotel. Our electric charging stations are of course fed with clean energy. 
  • Coffee enjoyment at its best: taste connects. Good coffee too. Two young and dynamic entrepreneurs from the community of Haus roast our coffee beans with great dedication. We get the Sebastian coffee directly from the roastery in Oberhaus, gently packaged in 9kg containers, freshly roasted. You are welcome to see for yourself and "inhale" the wonderful aroma of the beans.


  • It is very important for us to show our guests how important environmental protection is in our daily business.
  • We try to use energy and water efficiently, and give preference to renewable energy sources. 
  • We use 100% eco power, certified under the Austrian Eco Seal.
  • Our heating energy is sourced from a regional biomass heating plant.
  • We make gentle use of natural resources and, as a "Genuss-Wirt", are committed to using products from our region. We use seasonal foods and drinks from the region as well as products from organic manufacturers.
  • Naturally, we also have our own ecological lawn mowers - our sheep!
  • Our culinary offer has also been given a great boost thanks to the great idea of ALMKULINARIK by 4-toque chef Richard Rauch, who collaborates with local cooks in the region. GOURMET HIKING DAYS: 33-year-old star chef Richard Rauch creates new dishes for mountain huts in the region. On our culinary excursions, we visit one or two of those huts, sampling the likes of the Dachstein Burger, Steirer­kas Dumplings and more.
  • MUSHROOM SAFARI AND COOKING COURSE: Chef Andy Marrer cooks his favorite mushroom dish together with you. Also includes a Mushroom Safari on the Hauser Kaibling and in Gumpental, a walk along the mushroom theme path on the Hochwurzen, Dachstein Glacier and Skywalk, the Ice Palace and suspension footbridge, as well as the "Stairway to Nothingness".
  • We collect fresh herbs for the kitchen as well as our organic sauna.
  • By consciously purchasing regional products, we do our best to reduce our environmental impact, follow strict trash-separation policies and recycle correctly.
  • We use washing and cleaning products sparingly, also ensuring that they are biodegradable in order to reduce water pollution.
  • Our employees have regular opportunities to participate in training programs and become actively involved in developing our environmental program.
  • We have utilized the textile services of Salesianer (certified under the Eco Seal) for many years.
  • We also make it possible for our guests to help us implement our eco program. We make bikes, E-bikes and E-cars available to help reduce CO2 emissions and fine particulates in the air.
  • In addition, 2 e-charging stations with a power of up to 22 kW are available to you. Billing is done by kW/h directly at the hotel. Our electric charging stations are of course fed with clean energy.
  • The holiday region encompassing Schladming-Dachstein, Ramsau am Dachstein and Filzmoos offers all current and aspiring E-bike riders an E-bike network of 8 rental stations and 22 recharging/battery-swap stations. Surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery, you will be able to travel up to 200 kilometers and roughly 5000 vertical meters on rental bikes.
  • Through our partner Sport Hauser Kaibling, you have an easy, convenient way to rent high-quality E-bikes or take part in guided E-bike tours: E-bikes for children and adults, E-bikes for the road and terrain, helmets, children's seats, guided E-biking. Our guests receive a 20% discount.
  • Whether you wish to take a walk through our green high valleys with your family or follow one of the numerous hikes leading to some of the region's abundant water features – the youngsters can look forward to some truly grand adventures during their visit to Schladming-Dachstein: especially since the free Kids Sommer­card - in addition to the services for adults - also includes holiday activities intended especially for children and families. Other exciting opportunities await in our variety-packed weekly children's program, during which there's never any shortage of fun, games, action and sport.
  • Avoidance of polluting and hazardous materials during construction and renovation work as well as use of regional building and interior design materials.
  • Avoidance of long transportation distances by using regional and seasonal foods. 
  • Cooperation with local producers
  • Purchase of products that are eco-certified. 
  • Increased customer satisfaction through high service quality.


  • Use climate-friendly, public transportation.
  • We will be happy to pick you from the train station in Schladming for free.
  • Contribute to our energy savings: Switch off lights, heating and air-conditioning whenever you don't need them.
  • Reduce your use of water and cleaning products: only change towels as needed, not automatically, report leaks. Don't dispose of hygiene products in the toilet.
  • Separate trash: Throw glass bottles, plastic and metal packaging as well as paper items into the dumpsters provided, or leave them next to the rubbish basket in your room when you check out.
  • Avoid single-use products and packaging. Purchase beverages in recyclable bottles.
  • Help avoid food waste: Choose smaller portions. You can always get more later from the breakfast-buffet table.
  • Be heedful of our nature. Don't disturb the animals that live there, stay on paths and always keep your dog on a leash. Please comply with special access restrictions or quiet zones established for endangered species.
  • Culture and cultural heritage: Always respect and protect special cultural landmarks, sightseeing attractions, traditions, tourist guides, restaurants, markets and arts centers in the area, above all the UNESCO World Natural Heritage DACHSTEIN.
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