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70 years Panoramahotel Gürtl

Menu of Restaurant Panoramahotel Gürtl

Fine cuisine made from fresh regional ingredients, enjoyed in a comfortable, stylish setting - and lovingly prepared for you by our creative kitchen team.

We are always happy to tailor our dishes to your personal nutritional needs. Please ask for details about the allergens in our meals.

Table reservations for dinner are possible under:

+43 3636 2383 or E-Mail

The kitchen crew of Panoramahotel Gürtl conjures up variety-filled, innovative dishes every day.


  • Austrian specialties
  • Regional specialties
  • Our own products
  • International influences
  • Many organic products
  • Vegetarian

Evening Menu - daily from 18:00 by prior arrangement

Evening menu

Dinner is also available for external guests daily from 6 pm. Please make a table reservation:: +43 3686 2383

Simply choose from our menu:

Barbecue evening


Salad from the buffet
with various dressings, oils,


Carpaccio (Ennstalrind)
rucola | lovage | parmesan


We serve a
Clear beef soup with sliced pancakes and vegetables


Then please help yourself at the
Grill buffet in the courtyard

Rumpsteak | Pork loin steak
Saddle of deer | Turkey steak
Grilled sausage | Fish

Baked potatoes | Roasted potatoes | Letscho vegetables
Corn on the cob | Tagliatelle | Baby spinach
Cream sauce | Herb butter
Cocktail Sauce | Sweet Chili Sauce


As a dessert we serve

Pumpkin oil mousse
crumble | fruit


Menüpreis € 38,90

Small Menu - daily from 12:00 - 17:30

Small menu

Every day we offer a small menu from 12:00 to 17:30.

Starts and Salads
Homemade juices
Main courses
Small dishes

Burrata | tomato
Pumpkin seeds | lovage | bread

€ 11,80

Ox carpaccio from the local butcher
Wild herbs | parmesan | wasabi | bread

€ 12,90

Mixed salad

Sprouts | herbs

  € 6,20

Colourful salad

  € 5,20

Ice Tea

black tea with lemon
with brown rum

€ 4,60
€ 7,20

Summer fizz
Blackberry violet lemonade
with martini

€ 4,60
€ 7,20

Lemon flash
Sunny citrus-basil-lemonade
with gin

€ 4,60

€ 7,20

Clear beef soup 


Pancake strips and vegetables strips

€ 5,20

Pressed cheese dumpling and vegetable strips

€ 5,20

Liver dumpling and vegetable strips

€ 5,20

Fried batter pearls

€ 4,60

Cream of tomato soup “sweet-sour”
Basil | bread chips

€ 6,50

Steak toast „Panorama Style“ from the highland cattle from the local butcher
Grilled vegetables | french fries | pepper cream | spiced butter | bread

€ 29,40 

Pork escalope „Viennese Style“
Parsley potatoes or french fries | cranberries | lemon

€ 15,90

Chicken Cordon bleu
Parsley potatoes or french fries | cranberries | lemon

€ 17,50

Goulash from the highland cattle from the local butcher
White bread dumplings | gherkins | fried egg

€ 18,20

Fried fillet of char
Caviar | sweet potatoes | wild broccoli | saffron

€ 24,80

Thai Curry “Styria Style”
vegan, fruity, slightly spicy. Tofu | vegetables | fragrant rice

€ 14,90

Boiled sausages
1 pair - mustard - horseradish - bread

€ 5,90

Ham and cheese toast
Ketchup | mayonnaise

€ 5,60

Pasta Bolognese | parmesan

€ 11,90

Children´s Pasta Bolognese

€ 8,90

Pasta Pomodoro | Parmesan | Basil

€ 11,90

Children´s Pasta Pomodoro

€ 8,90

French fries

€ 5,30

Molten chocolate cake (with liquid center)
Vanilla cream | butter crumble | strawberries | fruit sorbet

€ 10,90

Pancake with apricot jam
(2 pieces)

€ 5,60

Homemade cakes

€ 4,70

Ice cream specialties


Children's Menu

Children's menu

There is also an evening menu for younger guests every day from 6 pm.


Price for the menu €


ENJOYMENT Made in Austria !

For the fresh preparation of our foods and the use of regional products, we were awarded the AMA Gastro Seal of Quality for à la carte restaurants.

Certificate AMA Gastro Seal

Beef: Hofer Farm "Maierl", Haus im Ennstal, regional products, Trans­gourmet Salzburg

Turkey: Huber Farm

Pork: regional products, Trans­gourmet Salzburg

Fish: Xeis Lake Char Admont (organic)

Milk & Dairy Products  regional products, Trans­gourmet Salzburg, Moserhof Haus im Ennstal, Ennstal Milch Stainach

Fruit & Vegetables (seasonal): Angela Gmoser Feldbach,
regional products, Trans­gourmet Salzburg

Eggs: Austrian cage-free eggs - Litzellachner

Styrian pumpkinseed oil: Angela Gmoser-Feldbach, Ofner-Kirchberg an der Raab

Styrian horseradish: Styria

Herbs & vegetables (seasonal): from the garden of senior owner
Walter, regional products, Trans­gourmet Salzburg

Fruit juices & jams: We produce ourselves subject to availability

Mushrooms & pine cones: Peter's secret places

We are always happy to tailor our dishes to your personal nutritional needs. Please ask for details about the allergens in our meals.

We look forward to your visit and wish you "Guten Appetit" as well as pleasant, relaxed hours spent with us.

The Gürtl Family & Team

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